Series production - injection moulding, PUR / rigid foam, semi-rigid foam and soft foam

The MT Group's portfolio of services encompasses the entire process from the idea through to the tool ready for mass-production, from advice through to the end product. The MT Plastics Centre is a well-established supplier of prototypes and one-off series. It also has assembly units for exclusive exterior and interior components for the motor and many other industries.

With a total production area of 3700 m², the Misslbeck Plastics Centre offers the following technologies:

  • Injection moulding
  • Single-component technology
  • Multicomponent technology
  • Hybrid technology
  • Gas-assisted injection technology (GIT)
  • Film insert moulding and vacuum moulding
  • PU back-foaming equipment
  • PUR (polyurethane)

Equipment base

Injection moulding

  • 2-component injection moulding machine KM 1600-8100-1400-MX
  • 2-component injection moulding machine KM 800-430-1200-BZ
  • Injection moulding machine (clean room) KM 350-1900-CZ
  • Injection moulding machine (clean room) KM 250-1400-CZ
  • Injection moulding machine KM 250-900-B

Material drying

  • Materials are fed in via a Motan Luxor material drying station


  • PH/LFI shuttle system for industrial robots, 3000 kN press
  • PU back-foaming system


  • CARAT milling robot centre


  • Robot bonding and jointing syste

High-performance machinery at the Plastics Centre in Ingolstadt/Kinding