Made by MT: Series production

Top-quality series. This is the core competence at our Kinding (plastic) locations.

Series - plastic

The business unit at Eugen-Kampa-Strasse in Kinding (Misslbeck Kunststoffzentrum GmbH) specialises in prototypes and, more particularly, in one-off series. The technologies used are injection moulding (single-component, multi-component and hybrid technology, gas-assisted injection technology, film insert moulding, vacuum moulding), PU back-foaming and LFI.

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Model-technology and design

From cubing technology, data control models, seat boxes and functional models, right through to test gauges - MT model-building guarantees precision right from the start.

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But MT is not simply limited to the motor industry; one of the company's specialities, in addition to standard tools, is the use of multi-component and hybrid technology.

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Series plastic

  • Series production plastic
  • Prototype production
  • Series launch / end of series

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