Exclusive series in metal - the core competence of MKB

MKB Misslbeck Konstruktions- und Betriebsmittelbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Zwickau specialises in series production and tool-making for sheet-metal parts, series and prototype tools and prototype and pilot production.

However the emphasis is on production  for big-name companies such as Bentley, Rolls Royce or Maybach. We make parts from the finest metals.


The type of production is determined by the design. The material, shape and quantity are the essential factors. We produce quantities of around 50,000 parts per year on hydraulic presses. Small batches in the region of 4,000 parts per year are cut on 5-axis laser cutting equipment.

Series production

Prototype production

Support for both launch and end of series

Production of special vehicle components

SE support

QA and QM

The quality of all products that leave our premises is documented. The process at MKB Misslbeck is subject to ongoing inspections; from receipt of the sheets through to delivery of the finished product to the client. Quality results from the process, and not from a single inspection. Our quality management department checks the processes, further develops them and ensure that they consistently conform to standards.

Equipment design and tool construction

Once we have simulated the drawing process to ensure that it is feasible, our designers join with the specialist sections to first develop the production method. Only then are the tools designed and made.