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Managing Director: Barbara Resenberger

Misslbeck Kunststoffzentrum GmbH is registered under the number HR B 1831 in the Register of Companies at the Ingolstadt District Court.

The VAT number of Misslbeck Kunststoffzentrum GmbH is DE 814 787 257.

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Data Protection

Information on the subject of data protection

Guidelines on data collection, processing, transfer and use

In order to ensure that the manufacture of tools, components for the automotive industry, after-sales and support services is handled properly and speedily the MT Group utilises electronic data processing (EDP).

The processing of your personal data which is made available to the MT Group is primarily regulated by the Federal German Data Protection Act (BDSG).
Under the provisions of this Act the collection, processing, transfer and use of data (hereafter referred to as the utilisation of data) is permissible if this is allowed under the BDSG or another legal provision or if the party concerned has given its consent.
The BDSG allows data to be utilised in particular if this is for the purpose of fulfilling the contract concluded with you. For some purposes which extend over and beyond the actual contractual and support relationship, a declaration of consent under data protection law has been included in your respective contract or in the reply elements to advertising campaigns run by the.
If this declaration of consent is not signed on conclusion of the respective contract, or if it is subsequently revoked, the MT Group gives an undertaking to utilise your data purely within the legally permitted framework.

More detailed information on the collection, storage, transfer and use of your client data is provided below:

1. Data collection and storage at the MT Group
The MT Group stores data which is needed for the fulfilment of your order or for after-sales and support services for clients and prospective clients. This initially involves details contained in purchase contracts and service agreements. We also hold data for technical processing purposes, such as client number and purchase price; within the framework of contracts we also collect band process data and services rendered.

If you have given your permission, the data required for the execution of the client support and surveys as described under points 3.3. to 3.4 of this info sheet is collected and stored by the MT Group, together with information relating specifically to you.

2. Data storage at the MT Group
The MT Group stores data which is transmitted to it within the framework of contracts and service agreements.

Data on clients and prospective clients of the MT Group who contact the MT Group via its Internet site, is also stored.

The storage of data also covers data which has been collected within the framework of marketing activities of the MT Group.

3. Use of data by the MT Group

3.1. Service delivery
The MT Group uses the client data transmitted to it so it can properly and speedily render services which have been ordered services (e.g.).

3.2. Order processing
The MT Group uses client data collected by itself following the rendering of services in accordance with Clause 3.1 of this info sheet and/or for the fulfilment of statutory and contractually agreed obligations in accordance with Clause 2 of this info sheet (e.g. within the framework of warranties or guarantees).

3.3. Client support
The client data will also be used by the MT Group, if consent has been granted, in order to ensure that you receive comprehensive client support.

3.4. Client survey
Results from market research surveys form an important basis of information for continuous improvement or new developments, services. Therefore, if consent has been granted,
your transmitted client data can be used for carrying out client surveys.

4. No onward transmission beyond the above-mentioned scope
Your personal data will not be forwarded to other parties.

5. Revocation of the declaration of consent under data protection law
You can revoke your declaration of consent under data protection law
at any time.

6. Right of information
Under the BDSG you have a right to information on your personal data stored in the client databases of the MT Group.
Should you require this information and any additional explanations, or wish to request information on, the correction, blocking or deletion of data stored at the MT Group please contact the MT Group Data Protection Officer, 85055 Ingolstadt.

(Status as at January 2013)

Contact partner

Should you require any additional information and explanations, or wish to request information on, the correction, blocking or deletion of data stored at the MT Group please contact:

MT MT Technologies GmbH

Herbert Maier

Data Protection Officer
85055 Ingolstadt

Recording of General Information

If you access the Internet pages of the MT Group information of a general nature will automatically be recorded. This information includes e.g. the type of web browser, the operating system used, the domain name of your Internet Service Provider and similar information. This is exclusively information that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn as to your identity. In addition, this data is also generated when accessing any other website on the Internet so this is not a specific function of the MT Group Internet pages. This kind of information is collected exclusively on an anonymous basis and interpreted by us for statistical purposes. The better we understand your wishes the quicker you will find the information you require on our Internet pages.

Use of cookies

Cookies are text files that contain information in order to identify repeat visitors exclusively for the duration of their visit to our Internet site. Cookies are stored on your computer's hard disc and do not cause any damage to it. The cookies of our Internet pages do not contain any personal data on you.

Cookies save you having to repeatedly input data, facilitate the transmission of specific content and help us to identify those parts of our online offering that are particularly popular. This enables us, amongst other things, to coordinate the content of our Internet pages precisely to your needs.

If you wish, you can deactivate the use of cookies at any time through your browser's settings. Please use the help function on your Internet browser to find out how you can change these settings.


The MT Group uses technical and organisational security measures in order to protect any personal information you give us from accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. Our security measures are continually improved and adapted to reflect the state-of-the-art.

Public Procedures Directory (§4g and §4e BDSG)

The data protection officer herewith provides the public with the details required by law.

Name of person responsible:

MT Technologies GmbH

Managing Shareholder Barbara Resenberger

Appointed Head of Data Processing:
Andreas Schmidt

Address of person responsible:

MT Technologies GmbH
85055 Ingolstadt

Intended purpose of the collection, processing, use or transmission of data:

The purpose of the company is the engineering and consulting services in the development of complex technical products and associated manufacturing services. The focus is on design, construction, model making, prototyping and tooling (extract from the Commercial Register)

Description of the group of persons concerned and the corresponding data or data categories:

Client data, personnel data and necessary data of partner companies for the fulfilment of the intended purpose.

Recipient or categories of recipients whose data can be disclosed:

Public bodies within the framework of a priority legal provision, contractors within the framework of a partnership relationship under § 11 BDSG, companies and trading organisations of the MT Group, own internal organisational units for the fulfilment of the intended purpose.

Time limits for the deletion of the data:

Statutory provisions stipulate a wide range of storage obligations and periods. On expiry of these periods the corresponding data is automatically deleted.

MT Technologies GmbH

Data Protection Officer

Status as at January 2013