The premium partner to the motor industry

Leadership by MT Technologies! Today, within the Misslbeck Group, we are shaping the technology that will best suit the requirements of tomorrow. We have to be on top of our game if we want to forge the processes that are ultimately used by big names such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ford und Volkswagen. And of course we have successfully transferred the demands of the motor industry to other industries and markets.

Our network of business units consists of the Ingolstadt location for Model Building, Tool, Mould and Die Production and Series Production - Plastic

We understand the primary importance of communication, just like any leading company. So we assume responsibility for the services we provide, learn from the feedback received, pass it on and maintain a continuous improvement process.

Our business units all collaborate with one another, and this closeness allows us to guarantee quality, control costs and save time. This benefits every one of our customers.

Our name is Quality - from design right through to production.

Model-technology and design

From cubing technology, data control models, seat boxes and functional models, right through to test gauges - MT model-building guarantees precision right from the start.

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But MT is not simply limited to the motor industry; one of the company's specialities, in addition to standard tools, is the use of multi-component and hybrid technology.

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Series plastic

  • Series production plastic
  • Prototype production
  • Series launch / end of series

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