Our company history - leadership from Misslbeck for 140 years

For over 140 years we have had a tradition of adapting continuously to changes in the market. As a family-run company, by leadership we mean innovation from tradition. We define ourselves by our employees.

2009   The Misslbeck Group successfully establishes itself on the market as a system supplier.

2008   The next generation takes over: Sepp Misslbeck hands over the business to his son, Michael Misslbeck.

2007   Misslbeck employs 450 people, increases its turnover to 63 million by expanding its plastics and sheet metal production on the high-end / low-volume side at both locations. A stand-alone plastics centre is developed in Ingolstadt, while Zwickau sees the construction of a third large production hall.

1992   The product range is expanded to include a 'Metal' division with the establishment of the MKB subsidiary company in Zwickau. Michael Misslbeck becomes the first Managing Director of MKB.

1991   Misslbeck is the first model builder to use stereolithography. This hybrid technology continues to guarantee MT a leading position on the market.

1968   Sepp Misslbeck joins his father's company. The 'Mould and Die Production' division is created under his initiative. This is a strategically decisive step.

1949   The Auto Union giant moves to Ingolstadt. The Misslbeck model building company supplies the motor manufacturer with master and beaten models.

1869  Michael Misslbeck, great-great-grandfather and namesake of the company's current head, establishes a turning workshop on the site of the old military station in the garrison town of Ingolstadt.