The Misslbeck Group - your team

Our business units all collaborate and always work very closely with one another. This proximity has allowed us to develop processes that are of significant importance for every project and for all divisions.

And because we have solid manufacturing expertise, we can plan pragmatically even while our production systems are at the design stage. This keeps down costs and maximises progress. We do this because it means that the latest developments reach production without wasting any time, and can take effect immediately.

MT Misslbeck Technologies GmbH

At our location at Hebbelstraße 65, Ingolstadt, our well-qualified staff demonstrate their impressive technological skills in the fields of model-building (MISSLBUCKS) and mould/die construction and tool-making (MISSLTOOLS).

These skills range from design, cubing technology, data control models, seat boxes, functional models, prototypes and test gauges, right through to injection moulding tools (hybrid or multicomponent technology). Quality is our primary goal!

Misslbeck Kunststoffzentrum GmbH

Again in Ingolstadt, but this time atEugen-Kampa-Strasse 3; 85125 Kinding, this production facility demonstrates its expertise by manufacturing one-off and exclusive series in plastic. These are known as MISSLPARTS.

Here small-scale batches - from prototypes to small quantities of up to 50,000 per year - are produced using a range of different technologies for niche vehicles and exclusive special series. Our customers all around the world entrust to us the manufacturing of individual parts, even in the non-automotive field.