The company - innovation from tradition

MT has been supplying benchmark quality for more than 140 years. The company has achieved its goal of rising to the top in this industry. This achievement was possible due to product quality, value for money and an ability to deliver on time.

MISSLBUCKS - Model-building technology

MISSLTOOLS - Die construction and tool-making

MISSLPARTS - Series production in plastic

This claim and our leading position in the motor industry will be gradually extended and secured, and the expertise we have gained will be transferred to other branches and markets.

The MT Group aspires to make solid progress and sustainably maintain a leading position as a partner to industry on international markets.

Quality bears our name.

Come and visit!

We would be delighted to discuss the options for partnership with you at our headquarters in Ingolstadt. Get to know us, visit the production halls and develop for yourself a picture of our quality and performance by looking around. We will be happy to arrange a date with our specialists from the MT Group team - MT, MKZ.